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Occupiers Liability

Personal injury occupier liability

Have you been injured on someone else’s property?

Personal injury occupier liabilityMost people take reasonable care to ensure their properties are safe, but unforeseen circumstances and accidents can occur. In BC, the Occupiers Liability Act covers property or premise liability, and requires that property owners – home owners, business owners and municipalities – keep their premises safe and in good condition to make sure that visitors aren’t injured.

The Occupier’s Liability Act covers most properties including homes, portable structures, grocery stores, restaurants and bars, hotels, retail stores, shopping malls, theme parks, playgrounds, roads and sidewalks, ships and other vessels, portable structures and railway cars .

There are many types of occupiers accidents such as:

  • Unsafe circumstances
  • Assaults
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Ice or snow (falling)
  • Uneven surfaces (slip or trip and fall)
  • Uneven surfaces – potholes, carpeting
  • Insufficient security or supervision
  • Building code deficiencies
  • Sporting injuries
  • Municipal property accidents on roads and sidewalks

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