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Personal Injury Compensation for Assault in Vancouver, BC

April 29, 2015 | Accident & Injury

In our Kitsilano personal injury practice, we see many injuries from car accidents, trips and falls, or dog bites. It’s not often that we see a bizarre assault like the one on 22 year old Paige Beaudry of Nova Scotia, where the simple act of lining up at a pizza parlor resulted in fresh out of the oven, piping hot pizza smeared over her face. Ms. Beaudry is recovering from her burns, and her assailant has been arrested. End of story?

Criminal acts may be compensated for personal injuries incurred

Manjot Hallen, Personal Injury, Kitsilano, Vancouver

Manjot Hallen, Personal Injury Lawyer, Assault

What may not always be apparent in criminal offense situations like this is that if there is a personal injury, the victim has the right to sue their assailant for compensation – medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering. Personal injury lawyer Manjot Hallen of Warnett Hallen LLP suggests, “In situations like this, people don’t appreciate their legal rights. This victim should be fairly compensated by the wrong-doer for her pain and suffering and/or and the cost of cosmetic surgery and injury repair work.”

If another person has assaulted you, call a personal injury lawyer. You may have the right to compensation, even if criminal charges have not been laid.

Manjot goes on to say that there are steps that you should take to protect yourself legally in case of an assault of any kind:

  1. Get the names and contact information of all witnesses.
  2. Report the assault to the police.
  3. Get immediate medical help, and have your injuries documented.
  4. Call a lawyer who can help you understand your rights and guide you through the legal process.

Being assaulted can be traumatic and overwhelming, but there are ways to prevent yourself from being further victimized. Call Warnett Hallen LLP to tell us your story – we can help.

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