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International Airline Injuries

Personal Injury, airline accidents

Personal Injury, airline accidentsPaul Warnett, Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer, has represented clients who have sustained international airline injuries while on air flights. Many injuries are preventable while others occur even when there is no liability. Aviation personal injury law is complicated due to the different countries involved, the origin of the aircraft, departure and arrival destinations and the difference between the Montreal Convention and the Warsaw Convention.

Thousands of people are injured on international flights annually. Under the Warsaw Convention of 1929 or the Montreal Convention of 1999, the most critical provision is that the carrier shall be liable for damages in the event of injury or death suffered by a passenger. The personal injury can occur on board the aircraft or when a passenger is embarking or disembarking from the aircraft.

Personal injury claims against an airline carrier

The rights of international travelers are governed by international treaties. It is important to consult with a personal injury lawyer versed in international airline personal injury to know your rights and to seek appropriate compensation.

Types of personal injuries sustained during air travel

  • Bodily injuries caused during turbulence
  • Knee and other bodily injuries caused by beverage carts slamming into passengers
  • Injuries sustained from flying objects
  • Head injuries from overhead bin articles
  • Pressurization related injuries, including hearing loss
  • Failure to provide medical assistance on airplanes
  • Slip and falls on airplanes, jetways, stairs or bridge ways
  • Injuries from crash landings or rough landings
  • Lacerations from sharp objects

Airline Injury Compensation

Countries around the world have agreed on treaties that set out the law related to personal injury on international flights. You need a lawyer that has experience in dealing with injuries suffered while on an international flight or while getting on and off an international flight. Often people don’t think they have a claim. But even in “accidental injuries”, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries. More and more international flights are departing and arriving from Vancouver every year. The airlines have experienced lawyers on their side and you should have one as well.

If you have had an injury while travelling on an international flight, tell us your story – we can help.

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