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Medical Treatment After A Car Accident

March 4, 2016 | Accident & Injury

Car accidents are a fact of life, especially in Vancouver, where fast moving traffic and wet weather is constant. In fact, your chances of being in a car accident in Vancouver are very high considering there are over 260,000 car crashes reported in BC annually; and many of us have been in one or two already. However, being injured in a car accident is a traumatic experience no matter how stoic you are, and each has the potential to alter the course of your life. We recommend you seek medical treatment after a car accident. We have given you a checklist of things to do after being in a car accident, and now we’d like to focus on one of them: Getting access to medical care immediately after a car accident is essential to protecting both your physical and financial long-term health.

Get medical treatment and a doctor’s opinion early on

You’ve been in a car accident, and you feel sore but for the most part, okay. No need to make a big deal about this, right? Wrong. Injured accident victims tend to second guess their symptoms, often assuming that they are only mildly injured, and that the injury will heal quickly or go away. This isn’t always the case – sometimes the adrenaline from an accident can mask your symptoms, or injuries become more apparent over time. In particular, soft tissue injuries that affect muscles, ligaments and tendons, such as whiplash, often develop over days and weeks, and they don’t show up on an x-ray. However, early medical attention can pinpoint injuries more accurately, and a specialist can help you access treatment interventions early in the process.

Document your car accident injuries from the start

Going to see a doctor right after an accident can also protect you financially down the line. Seeking medical attention is an indicator to ICBC that you are, in fact, injured, and it also proves that you are proactively caring for your injuries, and trying to get better. This will be helpful later in the process – waiting too long to get medical help is a red flag to insurance adjusters, who can then argue that you couldn’t have been very injured if you didn’t need to see a doctor.

Vancouver accident lawyers help you access resources

Paul Warnett Personal Injury Lawyer Vancouver

Paul Warnett discusses the importance of medical treatment after a car accident

Being in a car accident can be overwhelming on all levels, and sometimes attending to your injuries can get lost while you deal with ICBC paperwork, car repairs or arranging other methods of transportation. An excellent Vancouver car accident lawyer can act as a compass to guide you through the necessary steps after the accident, ensuring that you don’t miss anything important either legally or medically. Their experience and familiarity with post-accident processes and potential pitfalls mean that they are uniquely positioned to act as advocates in this kind of situation. In particular, they can connect you to resources, including medical experts and specialists, that you might not think you need, or know how to approach. Paul Warnett agrees. “When you are injured it’s important to receive appropriate medical care and treatment as soon as possible as it likely leads to a quicker recovery.”

Affording medical treatment after a car accident in BC

When you have been injured in an accident, your medical needs will be paid through two channels. The first is through Part 7 Accident Benefits, and these are paid to anyone covered by BC Autoplan insurance (ICBC), regardless of fault. This will cover up to $150,000 in medical and rehabilitation costs, as well as very basic amounts for wage loss, homemaker expenses, funeral costs and death benefits. If you are not at fault for the accident, you can sue for extended damages not covered by Part 7 Accident Benefits. However, ICBC’s mandate is to keep their costs as low as possible, so a Vancouver personal injury lawyer advocating on your behalf, and helping you to negotiate the process right from the start is key.

Focus On Your Medical Needs First

There is a lot to take care of after you have been injured in an accident, but the first thing you need to focus on is your health, and this requires medical and legal professionals. Paul Warnett says “With Warnett Hallen LLP by your side, we can help guide you toward finding appropriate care and being able to financially afford treatment that can make a big difference to your recovery.” The personal injury lawyers at Warnett Hallen LLP have the experience and compassion to make sure that you can take of yourself and your family, now and in the future.

If you have been injured in a car accident in BC, and are having trouble accessing the appropriate medical treatments, call Paul Warnett, Manjot Hallen, Mark Lyons or Guyle Clark today to help you on the road to recovery.

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