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Tips for Dealing with ICBC in Vancouver

Tips for Dealing with ICBC

Dealing with ICBC when you’re injured in a car, bicycle or pedestrian accident can be stressful and prolonged, but these tips on dealing with ICBC will help you throughout the process.

Don’t hesitate to hire a lawyer


Paul Warnett – Car Accident Lawyer, Vancouver

You can bring in an ICBC lawyer to help you at any point in the process, but the earlier you get legal advice, the better. Ideally, you will start working with a lawyer within 24 hours of the car accident so that all of your dealings with ICBC will benefit from legal advice first. Given that you don’t pay anything until your case is settled, this is a no-lose decision.

Take names

At the car accident scene, make sure that you collect the names and contact information of all possible witnesses – you may need them down the road.


If possible, take pictures of the resting position of any vehicles or bicycles in the accident, as well as any noticeable damage. Your camera will also come in handy when collecting information – just take a photo of insurance papers, driver’s licenses and vehicle plates to avoid any mistakes.

Blame game

If you have just been in a car accident, you will be in shock. However, even at this early stage any kind of statement you make will become part of your ICBC file, so don’t admit guilt or deny blame to anyone before talking to your personal injury lawyer.

Be honest

Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers

Manjot S. Hallen – Personal Injury Lawyer, Vancouver

Don’t lie about any past health issues – pre-existing medical problems won’t necessarily weaken your case in court, but being caught in a lie will damage your credibility and your claim. The same can be said about exaggerating your injuries.

The internet is forever

Be aware that anything you post on social media that might hurt your case – postings, photos, comments can easily be obtained by ICBC and used against you if possible. This also applies to your email and documents on your computer – even if they’ve been deleted, it’s still possible to retrieve them if ICBC decides to conduct an investigation.

Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers at Warnett Hallen

At Warnett Hallen LLP, our best rated car accident and injury lawyers can review your case and help you to assess all of your options, which may include filing a no-fault benefit claim with ICBC or other insurance companies. We offer support for your recovery not just legally but also throughout your recovery and your injury claim.

Our goal is to evaluate and work to determine the extent of physical and emotional injuries suffered in an accident, ensure the best treatment possible for recovery, and prepare a strong case for maximum compensation.

The Vancouver car accident lawyers at Warnett Hallen LLP never defend ICBC or the insurance companies. We represent injured claimants only. Contact us today for more information.

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