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Using Technology To Illustrate Complex Car Accident Injuries

March 14, 2016 | Accident & Injury

Many injuries sustained in a car accident are complex and require the scrutiny of numerous medical experts to aid in the diagnosis and best course of treatment. Medical reports are full of complex medical terms and scientific explanations. This can prove problematic when a plaintiff is trying to settle an ICBC car accident claim for injuries. It is very difficult to communicate the extent of injuries — especially invisible brain injuries or traumatic brain injuries. Traditional medical diagnosis for head injuries include CT scans, MRI’s and X-rays. At Warnett Hallen LLP car accident lawyers use a variety of innovative and unique communication tools to support the claims of their personal injury clients. Explaining and representing car accident injuries can be successfully supported by illustrations, animations, interactive media and physical models.

In the case of Trevor Smith, Paul Warnett called upon Artery Studios to provide graphic illustrations of the head injuries Trevor sustained in a serious car accident. These incredibly graphic and detailed drawings are constructed from other resources such as CT scans, MRIs and neurological assessments and reports to clearly illustrate the injuries. The data is then evaluated by a highly trained medical illustrator and the end result is a set of pictures that provide visual clarity for complicated brain injuries.

Brain injuries can be mild, concussive or severe such as Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). Many brain injuries are invisible and most are very complicated. Statistics vary but according to various brain injury networks, car accidents account for 17% to 50% of all brain injuries. The most common brain injury in a car accident is a concussion which is a type of closed head injury, meaning no fractures were created by the impact. An open head injury is where the skull has been penetrated. More serious brain injuries result in tearing of the brain tissue, bleeding and swelling. If not treated promptly swelling can sometimes lead to a fatal brain injury. It is very important after any serious car accident to get a proper assessment for head injuries.

Paul Warnett recommends, “The number one thing you can do for yourself after a car accident is to seek medical attention. If you have hit your head in any way during the accident ensure you communicate this to the first medical provider you see”. Concussion recovery can have better outcomes when they are treated soon after an accident. Almost five percent of people who experience concussion can develop bleeding or a blood clot that can be life threatening.

According to brainline.org, here are signs to watch for after a blow to the head:

  • Feeling dazed or confused
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Any period of amnesia, or loss of memory for the event
  • Seizure
  • Scalp swelling or abnormality
  • Unusual behaviour

If you have been in a car accident and have hit your head, please seek medical attention and then call the experienced brain injury lawyers at Warnett Hallen LLP.

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