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Work and Exercise After a Car Accident

November 9, 2015 | Accident & Injury

There are many common misconceptions related to work and exercise after a car accident. As personal injury lawyers at Warnett Hallen LLP, motor vehicle accident victims always ask when they can go back to work, the gym or other forms of exercise. One of the most common misconceptions is that a person in a car accident must change their normal, everyday behaviours in some way or they won’t have an ICBC claim for their injuries.

Appropriate level of work and exercise after a car accident

For example, the personal injury lawyers at Warnett Hallen LLP are asked questions such as “Can I still play hockey?” or “Can I go to work?” These types of questions are more suited for doctors or medical treatment providers rather than lawyers because these are not truly legal questions. If a client has consulted with their doctor, has been advised that they are physically able to go play hockey and personally feel able to go play hockey, then they should go play! Doing so does not mean they do not have a personal injury claim or that their claim is now worth less.

The legitimacy and value of a personal injury claim is determined by the facts of each specific claim. If someone is able to play hockey after being injured in a car accident it does not mean they don’t have a claim. Rather, it means they simply have a different claim than someone who is unable to play hockey after being injured in a car accident.

Car accident injuries

After a car accident – even one that seems minor – the body will have sustained some impact and will probably need time to recover. The time and extent of the recovery will determined by the extent of the injuries both internal and external. Often car accident injuries do not manifest until days after the accident. It is important to evaluate your injuries with the advice of a medical doctor and evaluate your ICBC injury claim with a lawyer as soon as possible following a car accident. If the injuries sustained include bleeding, a doctor will probably tell you not to resume any major exercise or lifting. With non-bleeding injuries a doctor will need to gauge the level of inflammation in the body. Soft tissue injuries and whiplash can get worse after the first 48 hours of a car crash. Our job is to work with you and your medical team, so we can get you back to your normal activities at the appropriate time.

Healing tips following a car accident

  • Go home and rest, even if it is for 24 hours.
  • If you have any muscle soreness or pain, ice it and rest and then make an appointment to see a medical doctor as soon as possible.
  • If your doctor assesses injuries – follow the advice of the care plan.
  • Drink water and eat healthy.

Our job as personal injury lawyers is to effectively present your car accident injury claim based on your injuries and your limitations. We are your voice with ICBC, and we will help you find the best medical practitioners for your type of injuries. This will enable you to determine when you can go back to work and when you can go back to full activities after your injuries have healed. Taking this approach allow our clients to focus on their recovery and enjoying their lives while we ensure their legal interests are protected so they can Settle For More.

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