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Vancouver Law Firm Creates Online Tool Explaining Latest ICBC Changes to B.C. Residents

December 11, 2019 | ICBC

Warnett Hallen Creates Online Tool Explaining Latest ICBC Changes

Warnett Hallen LLP, a personal injury law firm in Vancouver, B.C., has recently released a comprehensive guide and quiz regarding the most recent changes to ICBC insurance in the province. 

All motorists in B.C. are required to be insured under ICBC (the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) for basic auto coverage. But new changes to ICBC rules affect how personal injury claims may be handled if a car accident occurs.

“Unfortunately, the ICBC revisions may make it more difficult for injured people to obtain the compensation they need and deserve after a wreck,” says personal injury Manjot Hallen. “It’s important for everyone in British Columbia to understand ICBC’s changes and how they may affect their legal rights.” 

In April, ICBC capped how much compensation accident victims can obtain for pain and suffering to $5,500. Going forward, crash victims must also prove to their injuries are serious and not minor.  

There is still no cap on compensation for medical expenses, which will be covered regardless of injury. However, ICBC has now cut the time limit for submitting receipts from two years to 60 days. It will not pay for any medical expenses submitted past this timeframe.

Other important changes include the creation of a Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT). All disputes for ICBC settlements for up to $50,000 will be resolved through the tribunal. The CRT can also make minor injury determinations, assess fault (for claims of up to $5,000) and decide what types of accident benefits victims are entitled to. 

“It’s plain to see how these changes do a disservice to accident victims, particularly those who may yet be unaware of their policy changes,” says car accident lawyer Paul Warnett. “That’s why our legal team decided to create a free, easily accessible online tool to break down the modifications as simply as possible.” Click here to read a summary of ICBC’s latest changes. To learn more about Warnett Hallen LLP, visit the personal injury law firm’s website or call at 604-243-3447

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