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Types Of Claims

June 5, 2014 | Personal Injury Lawyer

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Warnett Hallen LLP has successfully represented clients in thousands of motor vehicle accident claims and can navigate your personal injury claim to a successful resolution. Importantly, we recommend early investigation into the circumstances of your accident, particularly if the injury is serious in nature. In fact, the sooner you contact Warnett Hallen LLP, the sooner we can begin our evaluation and the sooner you can put your mind at ease. Some of the types of personal injuries Warnett Hallen LLP has handled include:

Spinal Cord Injuries

Warnett Hallen LLP has represented both paraplegic and quadriplegic clients and understands that catastrophic spinal cord injuries can change a person’s life in every possible way. We have the experience you need to put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on your recovery.

Brain Injuries

Warnett Hallen LLP has extensive experience with brain injury claims. We know what evidence is required to bring to life the devastating effects of a brain injury. While those affected may appear normal, we understand that the hidden effects of a brain injury can be deep and far reaching.

Chronic Pain

Sometimes injuries do not resolve as quickly as you would like, and insurance companies may dispute the claim of a person with chronic pain. We know how to counteract these objections and bring your claim to a successful resolution.

Psychological Injuries

Accidents are traumatic and the injuries sustained can have long-term psychological effects. Warnett Hallen has successfully represented clients who have developed post-traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder, all as a result of accidents.


A broken bone is an objective injury and the effects can be long-term. For example, arthritis and other ailments can develop.

Warnett Hallen LLP obtains the medical records and reports necessary to determine what impact a broken bone could have on you in the future, and we act to mitigate according to the circumstances.

At Warnett Hallen LLP, we believe you deserve the best and most experienced representation — personal injury lawyers who are confident, can handle any type of injury claim, and have your best interest at heart. Undoubtedly, the insurance companies will hire their most competent lawyers to fight your claim.

Slip And Falls

Warnett Hallen LLP has developed specific expertise handling slip and fall claims. We will meet with you to discuss the circumstances of your accident and advise if you have a viable personal injury claim. The law on slip and fall claims can be confusing. Fortunately, at Warnett Hallen LLP, we know how to best present your case to the insurance company to maximize your settlement or judgment at trial.

If you, or someone you know, has been injured in an accident, contact Warnett Hallen LLP for a free consultation.

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