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Public Consultation On Distracted Driving Open Until July 16

July 7, 2015 | Accident & Injury

Distracted Driving, Vancouver, BC

Source: https://engage.gov.bc.ca/ distracted driving/

Recently Suzanne Anton, BC’s Attorney General, launched a four-week public consultation regarding the penalties for distracted driving. Even though the government took steps in the fall of 2014 to curb distracted driving, the increase in penalties has not dampened the flow of tickets issued by police. In 2014, police in BC wrote more than 50,000 tickets to drivers who were using an electronic device. That’s about 2,000 tickets more than were issued in 2013, according to ministry statistics. “The problem is not going away,” Anton said at the press conference.

At the event was Drop It And Drive, a BC not for profit organization. Founder Karen Bowman, reports, “We are pleased to see the provincial government taking another step towards addressing the growing problem of distracted driving on BC roads. Tim Baillie, our co-Founder and retired Captain with the Surrey Fire Services, spoke from the heart at the June 16 event when he detailed the real consequences of distracted driving. We were happy to also have our new community sponsor, Warnett Hallen LLP, represented by Manjot Hallen, in attendance for the announcement. The month-long public consultation process is an excellent opportunity for BC residents to weigh in on the effectiveness of current penalties in curbing the behaviour and any changes they’d like to see. Drop It And Drive’s foundation is built on taking action, so it is our hope that we’ll hear an announcement from the Minister about increasing penalties within a short timeframe following the conclusion of the consultation process.”

BC Attorney General takes a hard look at distracted driving

Ms. Anton is asking for input from the public. According to Distracted Driving Public Consultation, more than 15,000 people have visited the site in the first two weeks. The site is operational until July 16, 2015, where the public can voice their opinions and join moderated online discussions pertaining to specific questions. This week’s question relates to vehicle impoundment and license suspensions for repeat offenders driving while distracted.

Car accident lawyers Warnett Hallen LLP, support public consultation and increased penalties

Manjot Hallen says of the event, “This public consultation is an important step to moving towards tougher penalties for distracted driving, which is what we want to see and why we support Drop It And Drive. British Columbia’s fine at $167 is the second lowest in Canada. “The current fines are clearly not a deterrent and we know we have to move the fines to a new level in order to curb the devastation caused by distracted driving.”

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