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ICBC to Cap Most Injury Claims at $5500

February 9, 2018 | Accident & Injury

Like many of you, we have been closely following this week’s news that ICBC wants to impose “injury caps” to reduce compensation for accident victims.

There is one piece of good news: the proposed injury cap will not affect existing claims. It will only apply to claims for accidents that occur after April 1, 2019. People who have been in accidents before that date will still have the right to be fairly compensated for their claims. The bad news is that people injured in an accident after April 1, 2019 will be denied fair compensation.

How the Proposed Injury Caps Will Reduce Your Compensation

Make no mistake – the proposed caps are grossly unfair to most victims and will provide paltry compensation for what can be life-changing injuries. ICBC has said the cap will only apply to “minor” injuries, but their proposed definition of “minor” includes conditions such as back or neck injuries (that can put you out of work for up to one year), anxiety disorder, and similar types of injuries. Anyone who has suffered through these types of injuries will tell you there is nothing “minor” about them.

Sign a Petition to Fight for the Injury Compensation We All Deserve

We encourage you to speak out against this injustice. You can let your MLA know that “caps” should not be imposed by signing a petition we are supporting – available online at https://roadbc.ca/petition/. “ROAD BC” is a public awareness campaign we support that is encouraging the government to find better ways to fix ICBC (in particular, by increasing premiums on bad drivers, fighting distracted driving, and so on), rather than cutting benefits for victims.

We also ask that you share the petition with friends, coworkers, and family – through email, FacebookTwitter and  other social media.

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