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What Should Be Done After a Hit & Run Accident?

February 13, 2019 | Accident & Injury

The only thing worse than finding yourself in a car accident through no fault of your own is a situation where the other driver speeds off before taking responsibility for their actions. Unfortunately, hit and run car accidents happen every day – especially in major metropolitan areas. After these types of events, it’s natural to feel helpless. Luckily, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’ve been involved in a hit and run car accident, there are a number of important steps that you should take to ensure that you get the fair and just compensation that you deserve.

Hit and Run Accidents: The Aftermath and Beyond

The first thing that you should do immediately after a hit and run accident is seek medical attention. Call an ambulance if you need to. Not only is it critical that you quickly receive the care that you need, but this will also allow a qualified medical professional to document your injuries – something that will be important in any future court case.

Next, you should notify the police as soon as possible – ideally within 48 hours if they didn’t arrive at the scene of the incident. Provide them with any and all useful information you may have – including the make and model of the car and the description of the driver. This may help them identify the individual.

If you have a smartphone, take photos of both the accident scene and of any injuries you sustained. If there are any witnesses, ask them to write down what they observed and make sure you get their contact information. All of this will make it easier for a personal injury attorney in British Columbia to fight for your rights in court.

It is important to know that ICBC offers victims of hit and run accidents coverage in these situations, even if cannot immediately identify the other driver. This is true whether you were in another vehicle, were on a motorcycle or even if you were a pedestrian. Coverage is offered at up to $200,000 for any damages and injuries that you may have sustained.

Note that you will need to have made “reasonable efforts” to find the at-fault driver. However, following the tips and best practices may help satisfy this requirement in certain situations.

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a hit and run car accident, the most important thing for you to understand is that the situation is not as precarious as it seems. Not only do you still have options available to you that can allow you to achieve the positive outcome you deserve, but you also have access to a team of professionals who have been helping people in British Columbia with hit-and-run accident cases like these for years.

The partners at Warnett Hallen LLP have decades of combined experience in successfully litigating injury claims and achieving fair compensation for accident victims and that is an experience we want to leverage to your advantage. To find out more information, contact us today.

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