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Common Types of Auto Accidents

August 16, 2018 | Accident & Injury

The circumstances surrounding two car accidents are never exactly the same. Some common variables include the location, road conditions, damage to vehicles, and injuries sustained. Furthermore, there are many different ways in which accidents can occur. By having a better understanding of the various types of auto accidents and the potential injuries sustained in each, as well as by having the right personal injury attorney on your side, you can be better positioned to pursue your case.

Single-Car vs. Multi-Car

In the broadest sense, vehicle accidents generally fall into one of two categories: single- or multi-car. As the names suggest, a single-car accident is one that involves just one vehicle. In these types of accidents, the vehicle has most likely struck a non-moving object, such as a curb or a tree. In a multi-car accident, there may be two or more other cars involved. Regardless of the number of cars involved, these types of accidents can both cause injury to the drivers of the vehicles, passengers, or even bystanders.

Head-On Collisions

Among the most serious types of multi-vehicle accidents is the dreaded head-on collision, which occurs when the front ends of two vehicles collide. These accidents often occur at a high rate of speed, so damage may be extensive and injuries can be serious.

Rollover Accidents

Another scary type of accident is the vehicle rollover, which occurs when a car flips either onto its side or entirely onto its roof. SUVs are the most prone to these types of accidents due to their higher center of gravity, but they can occur to any vehicle. Here head and neck injuries are most often sustained.

Side-Impact vs. Sideswipe

In a side-impact collision, one car strikes (or “t-bones”) the driver or passenger side of another vehicle—often resulting in severe damage. The passengers or driver in the vehicle that was t-boned are likely to sustain more serious injuries than those in the vehicle who hit the car, but injuries will likely occur on both sides.

A side-impact collision should be carefully distinguished from a sideswipe accident. In the latter, two vehicles collide while traveling parallel to each other. Damage in a sideswipe accident is usually not as serious, and injuries aren’t likely unless the vehicles were traveling at a high rate of speed.

Rear-End Collisions

In a rear-end collision, one vehicle collides into the back of a slower or stopped vehicle. These accidents most often occur at stoplights, though they can also occur when a driver is following another vehicle too closely or simply not paying attention. Depending on the rate of speed of the vehicle, rear-end collisions can be serious. Most often, they lead to whiplash and other spinal injuries.

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