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Common Causes Of Car Accidents in Vancouver

Common Causes Of Car Accidents in Vancouver

Vancouver roads are congested. Taking a trip even a few blocks from your home could easily result in a car accident. The truth is that no matter how safely you drive, there’s no way to control the road conditions when another person chooses to drive recklessly — and you are at risk of suffering very serious consequences if a crash occurs.

Financial compensation may be possible if you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident caused by someone else’s carelessness. The law in British Columbia allows accident victims to file personal injury claims against the at-fault driver for medical expenses, missed wages, pain, and suffering, and other hardships.

However, it is often difficult to get ICBC or other insurers to provide full and fair compensation for your injuries. That’s where Warnett Hallen LLP, steps in.

Our experienced car accident lawyers in Vancouver know the tactics that insurance companies use to deny crash victims the compensation that they are entitled to. We fight to hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions by demanding maximum compensation for victims and their families.

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British Columbia Accident Statistics

The number of car accidents in British Columbia has reached an all-time high, with over 350,000 car accidents annually. Each year, these crashes result in more than 500 deaths and thousands of more injuries.

Although accidents can occur anywhere, there are trouble spots along many of B.C.’s main roads. For example, on-ramps and off-ramps along the Trans-Canada Highway are listed as some of the most dangerous intersections in British Columbia.

In the Vancouver metro area alone, there are typically over 60,000 car accidents each year. Some of the most dangerous intersections in the city include Knight Street, the Knight Street Bridge and the on-ramps and off-ramps of Southeast Marine Drive.

Common Causes of Accidents in Vancouver

car accidents lawyer VancouverCar accidents happen for many reasons. Often, there are multiple factors that contribute to a wreck. Trends show that the most common causes of accidents in B.C. include:

  • Speeding: Speed is one of the top contributing factors in police-reported crashes to ICBC, accounting for anywhere from 27 to 36 percent of all fatal accidents over a recent 10-year period.
  • Impaired driving: The acceptable blood alcohol level for drivers in British Columbia was reduced to 0.05% in 2010 to try to keep more drunk drivers off the roads. Sadly, these accidents continue to happen. Impaired driving has accounted for 22 to 34 percent of all fatal crashes reported to ICBC in the past decade.
  • Distracted driving: There is no shortage of potential distractions behind the wheel. Cell phones, GPS devices, other passengers and even some of the safety technology in newer cars can pull a driver’s attention away from the road, and it only takes seconds for a crash to happen.
  • Following too closely: Tailgating is particularly dangerous in Vancouver, considering that area roads are often rainy, icy or snowy. Slick roads and poor visibility make it difficult for drivers to stop suddenly, and the results can be disastrous if drivers are following other cars too closely. When drivers tailgate, they can cause fender-benders and rear-end accidents that result in injuries such as whiplash, soft tissue damage and broken bones.
  • Driver fatigue: Over 40 percent of drivers have admitted to driving
    while they were tired.

Other causes of car accidents in Canada include failure to obey traffic control signals, failure to yield and unsafe lane changes. These actions endanger not only drivers and passengers, but also vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists who might be crossing the roads.

Protect Yourself From Car Accidents

car accidents lawyer Vancouver causes of car accident is vancouver

Although you can’t control other drivers, there are certain things you can do to stay as safe as possible behind the wheel.

  • Avoid driving while drowsy: Get a good night’s sleep before you get on the road. If you are tired but need to be somewhere, get a ride with a safe and alert driver.
  • Don’t drink and drive: When you’re going out, plan your night ahead of time to make sure you have a designated driver who will remain sober. Save the numbers of taxi companies and links for public transit schedules in your phone. If you’re not able to find another safe ride home, don’t be afraid to call a sober friend.
  • Remove distractions: Before you get in the car, make sure that friends and family know you won’t respond to texts or calls while you’re driving. Turn off your phone or put it on silent when you get in the car. If you’re hungry, stop at a safe location to eat or drink instead of trying to juggle food and the steering wheel.
  • Don’t speed: Make sure you have enough time to get where you’re going. If another person is driving recklessly, put space between that driver and your vehicle. It’s recommended you leave at least three seconds between yourself and other cars to avoid accidents.

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