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Bike to Work Week Ends in Tragedy

June 2, 2015 | Accident & Injury

It was a very sad weekend for the BC road cycling community with the death of two well-known and experienced cyclists from the Whistler Community. We are very saddened by this news and our sympathies go out to family and friends.

There was so much positive education and publicity last week from the Bike to Work organizers, but there is obviously more work to do in terms of eliminating drunken and distracted driving on the roads of BC.

Collisions with a bike and car result in substantial injuries

Manjot Hallen, partner of Warnett Hallen LLP is an avid road biker. He knows all too well the numerous dangers when cycling either on city roadways or on highways. In his personal injury law practice he has seen injuries – from minor cuts and bruises, broken bones to traumatic head trauma – caused by car collisions. Manjot recommends, “cycling can be hazardous and it is imperative to have some training. I hired cycling instructor Paul Moffat for training on performance, technique, endurance, and most importantly, bike safety. Now I feel more confident on the roads when I ride.”

Don’t underestimate the speed of a cyclist

Even the most experienced riders don’t have a chance when a driver of a 4000 lb.+ vehicle is out of control. We all have to share the roads, but the responsibility of road safety is firmly in the hands of the driver. We asked Paul Moffat to give us his best advice to drivers, from the perspective of the two-wheeled driver. He explained, “bikes are so much faster today and many cyclists are moving at considerable speeds, which most drivers underestimate. In addition, bike culture in BC is very popular, so the number of cyclists on the road is growing. When I am a car driver, I try to exercise patience. It is so important to slowdown, give way and be a bit inconvenienced, than to jeopardize the safety of a cyclist.”

Manjot seconds his advice, “It is extremely important for cyclists to know the rules of the road and respect that drivers can not always see them. We encourage everyone who wants to hit the roads and the trails on a bike to take some training and safety courses. It can save your life, literally”.

If you have been in injured on your bike, call one of the best Vancouver bicycle accident lawyers at Warnett Hallen LLP to get advice and representation on your ICBC claim. We help people get better and Settle For More.


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