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BC rules for Mopeds & Scooters

September 15, 2017 | Bike Accidents

One way to save money on transportation is to get a moped or scooter in BC. In fact, you can even reduce fuel emissions and save the environment from the seat of a scooter. However, before you choose a limited-speed motorcycle or LSM you need to learn how to legally operate a scooter so it is street legal.

Is My Moped or Scooter Street Legal

First of all, you want to make sure you purchase a legal and legitimate motor scooter. To be road legal in BC your LSM must have a motor that is less than 50 cubic cm in size. Alternatively if you choose an electric scooter the motor must have no greater than a 1.5 kilowatt rating. Other specifications about your BC legal motor scooter include:

  • The scooter cannot travel faster than 79 kilometers per hour.
  • Your LSM must weigh less than 95 kilograms, which does not include the battery or fuel weight.
  • Your wheels must be at least 25.4 centimeters in diameter.

If your moped or scooter meets these size requirements, then you are one step closer to the open road on your LSM.

Choosing a Motorized Scooter for Road Use

In addition to mopeds and motor scooters, you can use other types of low-powered vehicles in BC. Electric motor-assisted bicycles are permitted as long as these have attached pedals and meet all of the operational requirements. However, you cannot use a motor scooter that requires shifting once it is in operation. Additionally, motorized skateboards or pocket bikes are not permitted for road use.

Rules for Registering a Motor Scooter in BC

You are required to get your motor scooter registered in BC before you can legally operate it. Additionally, you will have to get insurance for the vehicle. You must also be licensed to drive a scooter or moped. The driver’s license you need is as follows:

  • Class 5 or 7 license for operating a passenger vehicle
  • Must have full privileges on your driver’s license
  • Cannot use a learner’s permit when operating a moped or scooter
  • Does not have to be a motorcycle license

If you meet the licensing requirements, and you have registration and insurance for your scooter, then you are all set to drive your LSM in BC.

Rules of the Road for Scooters and Mopeds in BC

As for the rules you will need to follow, start with the basic rules that apply to all passenger vehicles. These are applicable to you and your motor scooter, as well. You will also need to check for road-specific restrictions that may prohibit the operation of a LSM. For example, you should look for signage that indicates a road is not safe for scooters.

Always avoid using drugs or alcohol when operating a low-powered vehicle in BC. This can lead to the same legal trouble as driving a car while intoxicated. Also, be extra careful when approaching traffic when you are operating a motor scooter. As these types of LSM vehicles are less visible, you stand a greater risk of getting involved in a traffic accident.

Legal Representation in BC for Motor Scooter Drivers

If you are already dealing with legal issues due to your motor scooter operation, or you have been involved in an accident, let us help. Here at Warnett Hallen LLP our partners have decades of experience working with accident victims. We will provide you with injury litigation that you deserve. Contact our office at 604-737-3300 to speak with a legal representative.

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