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May 2015 Newsletter

The latest news and information from Warnett Hallen LLP.

Typhany Gets Her Life Back After A Car Accident

Warnett Hallen Newsletter: life after an accidentTyphany Haydock was an energetic 35-year-old woman with a management position at Loblaws Group, two boys and a bright future ahead of her. However, that changed suddenly in 2009 when another car sped through a red light and t-boned her car. Both cars were seriously damaged, and the other driver admitted they were at fault.

Nowhere To Turn

Typhany was left battling chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She tried to get help for her shoulder, but lost her faith in the medical system after being repeatedly met with skepticism and mis-diagnosis. She tried to go back to work, but working full time was too much for her, and she went on long term disability for a year, and then moved to a small town in Nova Scotia where the low key atmosphere helped her manage her anxiety and stress. In constant pain, her career going nowhere, and facing a long battle with ICBC, she turned to the personal injury law firm of Warnett Hallen for help. The team followed up with doctors to understand her injuries and get a proper diagnosis, worked with her benefit providers, and took on ICBC, in the end securing Typhany a substantial settlement in March of this year.

A Personal Injury Champion In Her Corner

Typhany says of her ordeal, “I am so very grateful for everything that Warnett Hallen LLP has done for me, in what has been the hardest time in my life. I had so many people telling me so many different things…and Warnett Hallen LLP were the only ones who were honest with me! I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.”

Paul Warnett agrees. “Typhany’s life was dramatically changed by her motor vehicle accident. What she wanted was a lawyer that understood and cared about these changes that had happened to her. We are pleased that we delivered that experience for her.”

Quality Of Life – Post Accident

A final footnote: Typhany has graduated with honours from her Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) training, and is working on her CRSP and CHCS designations so that she can act as a consultant on workplace injuries, helping employees change their behaviours, actions and mentalities so they can go home to their families and enjoy the same quality of life.

Warnett Hallen LLP Proudly Sponsors Drop It And Drive (DIAD)

Warnett Hallen Newsletter: Drop it and Drive, VancouverVancouver personal injury law firm Warnett Hallen LLP is proud to announce our sponsorship of Drop It And Drive (DIAD)’s impressive program to educate and raise awareness about distracted driving, preventable crashes and distractions in the workplace.

Karen Bowman, DIAD Founder and Executive Director and the DIAD team (retired Surrey Fire Services Captain Tim Baillie and Surrey RCMP Corporal Bryan Fedirchuk) have done a remarkable job of addressing these issues through their outstanding, in-demand educational seminars, and the effects of their influence are significant and lasting. We are excited to support them in their efforts towards making distracted driving as socially unacceptable as driving under the influence.

Many assume distracted driving only refers to cell phone use but it actually applies to any activity that takes one’s full attention away from the business of safely driving a motor vehicle. According to ICBC statistics, distracted driving is now the second-leading cause of motor vehicle accidents, accounting for 25% of all car crash fatalities in BC and an average of 88 deaths per year.

While most provinces have now imposed harsh fines for distracted driving, the problem continues to grow, and requires a comprehensive, hands-on approach to education and advocacy. We believe that Karen, Tim and Bryan’s passion and expertise will make this dangerous behaviour a thing of the past. Says Paul Warnett, Partner, “My family lost our mother to a distracted driver in 2005. It is devastating to lose a loved one to such a senseless act. In our firm, we see the aftermath of these accidents, and we want to get behind this cause and really make a difference to end distracted driving.”

We look forward to aiding this BC-based organization with a national scope, in continuing to share their unparalleled road and personal safety programs with youth and workers. Visit www.dropitanddrive.com to find information about their programs and useful resources.

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Warnett Hallen Newsletter: Review Warnett HallenWe want to thank all the people who have referred family and friends to our personal injury firm. We’ve found that customer endorsements and reviews help to keep Warnett Hallen LLP thriving with great customer service in the community. We would truly appreciate an online review from you.

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Warnett Hallen LLP is a boutique law firm based in Kitsilano, Vancouver, and headed by Paul Warnett and Manjot Hallen. We focus on providing exceptional service, a relaxed, caring atmosphere, and a depth of legal experience that allows us to help you “Settle for More.” As a personal injury law firm, Warnett Hallen LLP is very familiar with tragic consequences of distractions while driving and walking. We are committed to supporting personal injury victims in all possible ways, which includes taking concrete, meaningful action to eradicate preventable accidents before they happen.

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