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Personal Injury Lawyers

Warnett Hallen, Vancouver ICBC & Personal Injury Lawyers
Manjot Hallen and Paul Warnett - ICBC & Car Accident Lawyers, Vancouver
Manjot Hallen and Paul Warnett

Founded by Paul Warnett and Manjot Hallen, Warnett Hallen brings an exceptional level of service to your personal injury claim. That’s because, in addition to personal injury law, we think of ourselves as also specializing in you. That means one-on-one consultations with our principals, timely follow-ups from our staff, and of course, successful settlements.

The partners at Warnett Hallen each have over a decade of experience litigating injury claims and seeking fair compensation for accident victims.   Prepared to take your case to trial, the legal team at Warnett Hallen will help relieve the stress associated with the complexities of dealing with the insurance agencies so you can concentrate on recovery.

Beyond creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for you, our client, we bring the full depth and breadth of our experience to your personal injury or ICBC claim ensuring positive outcomes. Here’s how we can help you:

  • We work on a contingency fee basis; we are paid only when you receive compensation. You pay nothing up front.
  • Evaluate the potential success of your claim, whether ICBC or personal injury.
  • Negotiate no-fault benefits such as wage loss benefits and treatment (physiotherapy, massage, active rehabilitation, etc.).
  • If funding for treatment is an issue, we can assist with treatment costs or arrange an agreement with the treatment provider to defer costs.
  • Our legal team will guide you through the process and collect the evidence necessary to maximize your claim for damages.
  • Take the claim to trial, if necessary.

Best of all, your success is our success, because you only pay us a fee when we successfully settle your claim.

Personal Injury Lawyers at Warnett Hallen LLP

At Warnett Hallen, our best rated car accident and injury lawyers can review your case and help you to assess all of your options, which may include filing a no-fault benefit claim with ICBC or other insurance companies. We offer support for your recovery not just legally but also throughout your recovery and your injury claim.

Our goal is to evaluate and work to determine the extent of physical and emotional injuries suffered in an accident, ensure the best treatment possible for recovery, and prepare a strong case for maximum compensation.

The personal injury lawyers at Warnett Hallen never defend ICBC or the insurance companies. We represent injured claimants only.


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