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Burns, Scarring and Physical Disfigurement

Burning, Scarring, Disfigurement

Types of physical disfigurement injuries

personal injury, burnsPhysical disfigurement caused by a personal injury can be devastating, and may lead to life-long pain, scarring and psychological trauma. Some examples of incidents that can cause disfigurement are spilled hot beverages, burning from medical devices such as lasers, hot waxes and tattoos, severe burns from explosions or car accidents, dog or animal bites, broken glass, chemical exposures such as hair dye, or medical procedures.

It is our mission to help you recover both mentally and physically. We will connect you to medical experts to find the best course of treatment, and work with the insurance company to make sure that both short-term and long-term care and recovery strategies are in place.

Will my personal injury claim go to trial?

Most personal injury claims can be settled without going to trial, but in cases of severe injuries it may be necessary to go to court. We will use our understanding of your emotional and physical situation, and our trial expertise to arrive at the best financial outcome for you.

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Personal Injury Lawyers at Warnett Hallen LLP

At Warnett Hallen, our best rated car accident and injury lawyers can review your case and help you to assess all of your options, which may include filing a no-fault benefit claim with ICBC or other insurance companies. We offer support for your recovery not just legally but also throughout your recovery and your injury claim.

Our goal is to evaluate and work to determine the extent of physical and emotional injuries suffered in an accident, ensure the best treatment possible for recovery, and prepare a strong case for maximum compensation.

The personal injury lawyers at Warnett Hallen never defend ICBC or the insurance companies. We represent injured claimants only.


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