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When to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer


    Car accidents are scary, especially if you or a loved one gets hurt. After a crash, you may wonder whether it’s a good idea to hire a Vancouver car accident lawyer or handle the claim with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) by yourself. It’s a great question with an unclear answer.

    Here’s the truth: It depends. The experienced ICBC attorneys at Warnett Hallen LLP are here to explain why.

    Do I Always Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Vancouver?

    Car accidents can range from minor fender benders to deadly collisions. For minor crash claims with no injuries, you probably won’t need an attorney to negotiate a reasonable settlement with ICBC. But when there are serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment and time off work, it’s smart to talk to a skilled lawyer about your legal options. That’s especially true if someone else is at fault for the crash or if ICBC is trying to shift the blame onto you.

    Even though ICBC is your insurance company, it’s a mistake to believe that they have your best interests in mind. Their goal is to minimize the amount of compensation paid out to you. When you’re facing costly medical bills, lost income, and an uncertain prognosis for recovery, this is the last thing you need.

    That’s when Warnett Hallen LLP can help. Our lawyers have years of experience representing clients in ICBC claims. If you’ve been hurt, we will provide a free consultation and discuss the benefits of hiring a car accident lawyer and if we believe you have a valid claim. You can trust us to give you an honest assessment and a detailed explanation of how we can fight for maximum compensation for you.

    Another time that you should talk to an ICBC lawyer is if you are unsure about whether you have a case. Because we provide consultations at no cost, you have nothing to lose by scheduling an appointment.

    Contact us today to arrange your free case review.

    Car Accidents and ICBC Claims

    After being involved in a car accident, you must submit a claim through ICBC. It’s a requirement regardless of whether the accident was another’s fault or if you caused the crash. Having a lawyer by your side during the claims process can help because:

    • ICBC evaluates the compensation provided in claims using mainly medical evidence. It’s critical to have detailed records of your injuries and how they have impacted your life. An attorney will help collect the necessary evidence and expert medical opinions (if needed) to prove why you deserve full and fair compensation.
    • ICBC adjusters may use tactics to “trick” accident victims into saying something that could hurt their case. A knowledgeable car accident attorney can manage all communications with ICBC so that your rights are protected at all times.
    • ICBC may also attempt to access your full medical and employment histories. With these records, a claims representative might argue that your injuries stem from a pre-existing condition rather than the car crash. A skilled lawyer can fight to ensure that ICBC is only given the relevant information related to your case.

    When to Hire a Lawyer After A Car Accident

    There are some instances in which you should immediately speak to a lawyer after a car accident. These include when:

    • You incur significant medical costs: A lawyer can accurately evaluate the cost of your injuries, your pain and suffering, and help you when the cost of your injuries exceeds the limits of your insurance policy.
    • You are unsure of the type of compensation to claim: You may understand that you can claim compensation for your medical expenses, but a lawyer will know if you are entitled to additional types of compensation.
    • You received a low settlement offer: You can calculate your medical costs and the amount of income you lost due to the crash. If ICBC offers a settlement that seems too low, don’t agree to it. Call or contact Warnett Hallen LLP immediately.

    You are never obligated to accept a settlement offer from ICBC. It’s almost guaranteed that the first offer will be much lower than what you deserve. Contact a proven car accident attorney any time you have concerns about what your claim is worth.

    When a Car Accident Attorney Is Not Needed

    You may not need an ICBC lawyer if:

    You did not suffer injuries: If you were not harmed during the car accident, an attorney is probably unnecessary. It’s important to seek medical attention to ensure that there are no hidden injuries. Some injuries, such as concussions, can have a delayed onset. In those cases, it’s a good idea to contact a car accident lawyer for advice.

    The settlement offer is fair: If you feel as though the insurance company is offering you a fair settlement, you also may not need a lawyer’s help. Keep in mind that a fair settlement offer isn’t necessarily just reimbursement for financial losses. Non-economic compensation for losses like pain and suffering can account for the less tangible ways that a car accident has affected your life.

    There are very few damages: If the amount of the settlement you will receive is quite small, it may not make financial sense to hire a lawyer to help with your car accident case. Because most injury attorneys are paid a percentage of your ultimate award, you may end up with less money once the legal fees are deducted.

    Tough, Proven Legal Representation for Injured People in Vancouver

    If you have been involved in a Vancouver car accident and want to know when to hire a car accident lawyer, reach out to Warnett Hallen LLP. We will review your case at no charge and outline your legal options. If you do need a lawyer, we can also fight for you to get the full and fair compensation you deserve, either during settlement negotiations or at trial.

    Ready to learn your legal rights? We’re ready to help. Contact us today to get started.

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